Our Place In The Fog

The adjustment from winter to spring is quite a transition in Mackinaw. When warmer weather moves over the cold waters of the Straits of Mackinac, fog is the result. And we have really had our share of it. Fog makes everything feel closer. Probably a lot like living in a cocoon. Fog has the power to remove huge items, like the bridge, from your sight, all the while leaving an air of mystery behind. It moves in and out, then disappears … Continued

It’ Gone !

It is funny how everything changes so rapidly up here. We had a lot of ice on the straits through the end of April. Then last week, we had a week of high winds that drove the ice ashore, and a lot of fog and rain which melted the ice. Now the ice is gone , the ferries are running and all seems as it should for early May.

Winter in April

It was April 26th and it looked like March. I went down to the state dock to check out the ice breaker that was docked there and found an incredible wintery sight. The ice on the straits was amazing and beautiful. I found myself humming “Let it go! Let it go!” and wished I could stomp my foot onto the ice and have it crack, just like in the movie “Frozen”. That’s when I noticed the cracks in the ice an thought … Continued