Yesterday, I had to drive to Gaylord for supplies.  I reached for the button to turn on the radio and stopped. I thought I would see how long I could go without any noise. I traveled down I-75 and was looking at the beautiful countryside. The morning sun was dancing off the fresh, green foliage giving it a glow. The rolling green hills greeted me as I rounded every bend in the road. Often the hills made me think I was driving in the mountains. Everything looked so lush.The cows and horses were enjoying some fresh grass from the meadows. I’m always amazed how groomed the countryside looks. Around several curves, meadows were bordered by tall evergreens that looked like nature had just planted each tree in the perfect spot.The play of the dark green trees against the bright, green grasses in the meadow is absolutely beautiful. Overhead hawks were looking for prey. Let’s not forget about the clear,blue sky. Put all these elements together and you can easily see nature at it’s best.
I’m glad I did not turn on any music and I’m glad that I did not hear any news on the radio.I would not have traded what my eyes and soul experienced for any story or song. Sometimes we have so many electrical devices in the car that we miss all the beauty in front of us.  Next time you are in the car, try just looking around at what nature has to offer. You may be surprised at how relaxed you are upon reaching your destination. I know I was.

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