Up North Frame Of Mind

For the last two days, I’ve had a hard time keeping my mind on my work because of the view from my window. I am busy with spring cleaning, painting and wallpapering. But I find my eyes wandering outside. It is a gorgeous, blue sky, sunny day.  While I was wallpapering, I heard the northern flicker woodpecker singing and then pecking ferociously on the tree next to our office. I snuck out and snapped some pictures of him in action. He is a beautiful bird…but noisy. Because I was outside, I glanced at the bridge. The straits looked like powder blue satin fabric and the Mighty Mac was reflecting in it. Every now and then a boat would come by and mess the mirror image up. Then the water would calm down and the reflection would be there once more. I looked out into the water and saw a family of loons. They have a haunting, yet peaceful voice. The males are stark white with a black head and highly protective of their mate.  A brisk movement to my left caught my eye and I turned to see four squirrels chasing one another around.
I stopped and thought about how blessed we are to live and work in this beautiful area. Everywhere I looked one could see that spring is trying to make an appearance. Now, I ask you, would you have a hard time concentrating on your work with this beautiful scenery outside your window?

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