Northern Michigan In May

This week has had some very unique weather. It all started last Sunday in the fog and light rain. The rain became heavier as the week progressed. By Wednesday morning the fog was dense and I had to drive to Gaylord. How dense was the fog? Visibility was down to about 100 feet. When I got to the top of a hill, I had to back my speed down to 30mph just to be able to see if there were any cars or animals in front of me . At times it was difficult to even see the shapes of the trees and the ones I could barely make out looked like huge tree monsters looming in the fog. A few miles north of Gaylord, the fog dissipated.  My return trip was rainy but no fog. All night we had heavy rain and fog. It was heavenly to sleep and hear the rain taping against the window and the soft sound of the fog signal.
Thursday morning was and entire different story. The winds were howling at 30 mph out of the north. The waves crashed ashore at about two feet. Our wind chills were in the 30’s. It was a damp, cold day. By mid afternoon, bright sunlight broke through, the winds were calming down and the rain stopped.  As the sun was setting, the golden rays made the leaves, on the not yet fully opened trees, look like they were draped with gold lace.I took this picture yesterday evening of the beautiful sunset so you could see how beautiful it was here.
It is amazing how much weather we had experienced in just a few days. At one point I thought I fell
asleep and woke up in October! That is what it felt like outside. But it has ended well…beautiful sunny days and magnificent sunsets.

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