Northern Michigan In May

This week has had some very unique weather. It all started last Sunday in the fog and light rain. The rain became heavier as the week progressed. By Wednesday morning the fog was dense and I had to drive to Gaylord. How dense was the fog? Visibility was down to about 100 feet. When I got to the top of a hill, I had to back my speed down to 30mph just to be able to see if there were any cars … Continued

Fog Dancin

At 6:30 a.m. I got up and looked out the window to see what kind of day was in store for us. It was cloudy, but the Mighty Mac was still visible. I made a cup of tea and turned around and noticed that a fog bank was making it’s way toward the bridge. Within minutes the bridge was gone. I couldn’t see one inch of the huge structure . As I stood in the window watching, the fog moved rapidly away and … Continued

Mirror Mirror On The Straits

Yesterday evening the view of the straits was breath taking. All day the waters were calm and by the evening,the waters of the straits reflected the lighted bridge from tower to bottom. It was an amazing sight. I started taking pictures around 8:00 p.m. and finally stopped around midnight. 

Up North Frame Of Mind

For the last two days, I’ve had a hard time keeping my mind on my work because of the view from my window. I am busy with spring cleaning, painting and wallpapering. But I find my eyes wandering outside. It is a gorgeous, blue sky, sunny day.  While I was wallpapering, I heard the northern flicker woodpecker singing and then pecking ferociously on the tree next to our office. I snuck out and snapped some pictures of him in action. He … Continued


Yesterday evening I went for a sunset walk along the shore. It was chilly with a northwest wind so I bundled up and headed out. I walked on the sidewalk that skirts the shoreline heading into the beautiful sunset. I walked under the bridge and stopped next to the waters edge and held perfectly still. I drank in the beauty and serenity of  the straits. The water was a very soft, powder blue and the reddish rays of sunset bathed everything in … Continued