We Are HERE!

When we left our home , it was a sunny, blue sky kind of day. The drive north was uneventful with the exception of an unexpected I-75 closure. We navigated around this and continued north. T
he landscape was brown and barren looking. It was indefinite need of some color. We did find some color just north of West Branch…in the form of , yep you guessed it, SNOW. the white stuff was scattered beneath the barren trees. As we were approaching Gaylord, the snow was on hilltops and slopes. It was strange looking at the temperature gauge reading of 60 degrees and seeing snow out the car window. But then again this is Michigan in the springtime. As we approached Mackinaw the temperature was 63 degrees. We knew from past experiences that the temperature could change drastically by the time we arrive at the motel. And it did. When we drove into the back parking lot it was 42 degrees. We immediately noticed that we would not be able to open the back lobby door because of the large snow drift (a.k.a Mount Riviera). We drove around to the front of the building and were able to get into the building without any problem. We looked toward the lighthouse and there was snow there also.
Yesterday evening it was snowing enough to whiten the rooftops and lightly cover the ground. This morning it was sunny and the recent snowfall had melted…..but not our Mount Riviera. We are hopeful that when spring does make an appearance, that the snow will melt quickly. Maybe by Memorial Day???

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