In the previous blog titled We Survived !, I told you about Fort Fright. I mentioned that finally I was able to take a picture of the female ghost that walks around the fort . But I forgot to post it for you to see. So I’m doing so right now. Also, I was attempting to take a picture of the bridge towers peaking above the fort walls, when I was visited by the werewolf. Yep, it was the moment I screamed.

We Survived!

Yes, we have survived another adventure at Fort Fright. On Saturday evening, the winds were howling and so were the werewolves.  These furry creatures s-c-a-r-e-d me twice. Due to the lack of electricity in the fort, these creatures are camouflaged by the heavy cloak of darkness within the fort walls. The only source of light comes from the lanterns hanging along the paths…if you dare to venture in. So when the fort doors were opened by two skeleton soldiers, I walked in … Continued