The Big Rigs Rolled Through Town

You heard them coming before you could see them.They were blasting their horns as they came over the bridge last Friday evening. What was all this noise? It was the annual truck parade. This was the largest parade I had seen in years. How could I tell? The lead truck was getting back on the bridge and the rest of the trucks were still on the bridge, bumper to bumper, and I could not see the last truck. They blasted through town with horns blaring and all lights on. Some had beautiful murals painted on the trailers,while others were decked out in lights in places I had no idea lights could be put. The streets were lined with people beginning around 6 p.m. By parade time at 9:15, the streets were packed. Mackinaw City Fire Department had their ladder engine out draped in an American flag. People were having tailgate parties and some were playing card games waiting for the parade to begin. When the parade did begin their was a lot of cheering and everyone was having a good time.
We hope you will come and see this event for yourself. Maybe next year?

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