The Winds of September

Yesterday I was looking for my cement shoes. Yes, I needed them just to walk outside in the 40-50 mph winds. The howling northwest winds churned up the waters of the straits and sent waves crashing ashore for most of the day. Ferry boats from Mackinaw City to the island were cancelled and traffic on the Mighty Mac was closed to all vehicles except cars, vans and empty pick up trucks. There were big rigs, vehicles pulling campers/trailers and vehicles … Continued

New Neighbors

I noticed them earlier in the week. Yesterday morning, they were very busy flying around.They are blue jays. Not just a couple. Oh no. I counted about 20, all male blue jays. They are beautiful birds .I tried to take several pictures, but they appeared to be camera shy. Some turned their backs on the camera,while others took off. They are temporarily nesting in the large oak tree next to our back parking lot. While I was trying to take … Continued

The Big Rigs Rolled Through Town

You heard them coming before you could see them.They were blasting their horns as they came over the bridge last Friday evening. What was all this noise? It was the annual truck parade. This was the largest parade I had seen in years. How could I tell? The lead truck was getting back on the bridge and the rest of the trucks were still on the bridge, bumper to bumper, and I could not see the last truck. They blasted through … Continued

The Tractors Are Here!

Friday morning was overcast and a light rain was falling. But these weather conditions did not stop 974 antique tractors from crossing the Mackinac Bridge. The owners of these pieces of history had to be in their tractor seats at 8:15 to start the line up for the tractor parade through downtown Mackinaw City, over the Mighty Mac and finally ending up at the casino in St Ignace.The sputtering of the engines was heard in our parking lot as the long … Continued