It’s 1935 !

We were thrilled to welcome the 1935 Plymouth Club to the Riviera. It is amazing to me how quiet these cars are and the fact that they are still running. Their body designs are right out of an old Hollywood movie. When they pulled in, I was imagining what travel must have been like in 1935. Just think, no air conditioning, no seat belts and no CD players. What these cars don’t have in amenities they make up for in style. Their bodies are steel and these cars will basically built like a tank. My favorite parts of the cars are the spare tires and rumble seats.
While they were parked in our lot, I was thinking that in 1935 our motel was not here. In 1935 these cars would have been parked in the yard of the cottage that was here.
We hope you enjoy these pictures of an era that was classic.

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