Floating History

For two weeks the SS Keewatin, the last of the Edwardian era steamboats existing in the world, was moored at our State dock. She was tugged here from Douglas, Michigan where she was a museum ship since 1967.The 350 feet long, 280 luxury passenger, Keewatin was built in Scotland in 1905 and was launched in 1907. She was owned by the Canadian Pacific Railroad for the purpose of connecting eastern Canada with western Canada via the Great Lakes. She would sail … Continued

Northern Castle

That’s right. There is castle in Charlevoix, Michigan called Castle Farms. It was built by vice president of Sears, Charles Loeb in 1917. The castle was built as a dairy farm to show case farm equipment sold by Sears. After years of deterioration, the castle was purchased and renovated to it’s past glory and is now open for tours and hosts several events and weddings yearly. I took a tour and was transported back to another time. I walked through … Continued

The First Fog

There is nothing  like a foggy evening. The fog gently rolls in from the east and slowly engulfs the Mighty Mac. At first, the fog slides under the bridge and then sneaks through the open grating and swallows up the roadway. Slowly it inches upward and encompasses the towers. The fog becomes so dense that nothing is visible in the straits. Eventually, our pool disappears. We watch from our living quarters as the fog blankets the area . The fog signal on the bridge sounds eerie … Continued

Light The Lights

When we arrived here on April 23rd,and we were looking forward to watching the bridge lights come on.The lights are supposed to be in blue for the entire month of April to raise awareness for autism. We waited and waited. At first it didn’t look like the cable lights were turned on. Finally about midnight, I grabbed my camera and snapped a picture of the Mighty Mac in blue. On May 1 the lights were changed again. This time to … Continued