Beauty In The fog

Sometimes when I look through the lens of my camera,I am astounded at what I see. The beauty of nature is all around us and it presents itself in many different ways throughout the changing seasons. I was amazed at the beauty in the fog we had here in early June. The way the evening sun tried to break through the fog, was a beautiful sight.

Surprise Visitor

The other morning,our cleaning staff had a surprise visitor. Apparently one of our guests had checked out and left the door to the room wide open. When our staff had passed by the room they noticed that a baby squirrel had made it’s self comfortable in the window watching people come and go and of course, enjoying a fantastic view of the bridge.It looked so comfy sitting on the window sill with it’s tail tucked under it’s chin. We decided … Continued

Finishing Touches

We had about three days of gorgeous weather and that meant the painting could be completed. The painter completed the last spot on the building and the upper freeze boards and gutters. Plus any touch up work. Lynn and Vincent finished all of their final painting including the back two balconies, support poles and planters. Take a look…