Spring Drive

I had to make a paint run to Gaylord the other day. So I loaded Rod Stewart, Andrea Bocelli and Elvis into my vehicle and off I went. When we left it was 46 degrees. In less than five miles out of town the temperature jumped to 76 degrees.( OK, that means open the sun roof.) Even though the leaves in Mackinaw were not open all the way,and the lilacs were just beginning to get their buds, I saw spring in different phases all the way to Gaylord. It is so peaceful and beautiful driving down I-75 in the morning with the golden rays of the sun bathing the new spring foliage.Each time I rounded a curve the fresh, bright,green of newly opened leaves greeted me. The trees looked fluffy. Driving through the Wolverine and Vanderbilt area the freeway rises up over high hills and some of the visage is astonishingly beautiful. It takes my breath away. Some of the views from the hill tops remind me of driving through the mountains. Everything looked so new and untouched. Under the trees along the freeway,white trillium’s looked like a blanket of snow.In the center media, purple lilacs and apple trees were in bloom.The farms along the way had lush, green pastures where I saw cows and sheep nursing their young.
To me, spring serves as a reminder that life renews its’ self.After a long,cold, snowy winter where everything lies dormant, it is a welcome sight to see spring in all it’s beauty return to us.
As for Rod,Andrea and Elvis..they all behaved themselves!

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