Almost Done

All 33 doors have been painted, classic burgundy. Lynn and our nephew, Vincent, have painted all the light fixtures, poles and stairs. Take a look.

We’re Getting There!

The front of the building,drive thru and back of the bulding are painted. The trim work, doors and stairs still have to be painted. We’re amazed at how fast this project is getting done.

The Deer

That’s right, a doe. A female deer. I was driving to Cheboygan this morning when I was on the crest of a hill, I saw her. She was bent over a buck that was killed by a car.I came to a stop and waited for her to make the next move. She nuzzled him trying to make him get up. Nothing happened. She stood up straight and looked at me. She turned and started running and jumping along on the … Continued

The Cocoon A.K.A The Lobby

Today the lobby area, living quarters and the drive thru get painted. The painter had me lock both doors and he put plastic and tape over the doors and windows. I feel like I’m in a cocoon. I can’t see out. All sounds are muffled and I can hear the painters spray gun and roller as he works. It is very peaceful.Take a look.

The Paint Job

We thought we would show you painting in progress. First all the doors and windows are caulked. Then the windows and doors are taped off and covered with plastic. Finally the tarps are put on the decking and dropped from the roof to the parking lot. The sealer is applied over the brick. While the sealer is drying on the brick, the paint is applied to the second floor. After this is done, the paint is applied to over the … Continued

There Arose Such A Clatter…

I sprang from my bed to see what was the matter.Away to the window I flew like a flashLooked out to see what caused the loud crash… That’s when I heard the loud flapping of the huge plastic tarp flying in the breeze like laundry on a windy day. The landscape timbers and ladders that were used to hold the bottom of the tarp down, were being tossed about as the angry tarp tried to get free. The tarp was … Continued

The Painting Has Begun

>The painter began tarping on Monday. After the primer and two coats of paint, he left for the evening with the promise of unveiling the street side of the building on Tuesday morning.Here are the first photos…

Spring Drive

I had to make a paint run to Gaylord the other day. So I loaded Rod Stewart, Andrea Bocelli and Elvis into my vehicle and off I went. When we left it was 46 degrees. In less than five miles out of town the temperature jumped to 76 degrees.( OK, that means open the sun roof.) Even though the leaves in Mackinaw were not open all the way,and the lilacs were just beginning to get their buds, I saw spring … Continued