Dazed And Confused

The other day Lynn was leaving to run some errands. He stopped abruptly when he notice a bird sitting in the drive thru. He got out of the car and tried to get the bird to fly away. But the bird wouldn’t move. We got closer and discovered that the bird just didn’t look right. Then I figured it out. I was in the lobby working when I heard a “thud” on the window. I thought it was someone waving at me,but it was this poor, confused bird. It flew into the window and had no idea if he was in China or Mackinaw. He was so dazed.
After about five minutes, the bird slowly flew onto the bushes.
The next morning, we were awakened by a huge “thud” on our livingroom window. This time it was a huge pigeon.
That afternoon I was in the lobby with a guest and another bird flew into the front window.
If you want to say hi, just wave and fly right by!

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