Catching Up

Lynn and I have been busy with spring cleaning…everything. We have decided to give a fresh look to the Riviera. I was given the task of figuring out a color scheme.I poured over paint chips and paid close attention to Curb Appeal on HGTV. I was being very careful deciding the colors because I wanted the building to look great and because 100 gallons of paint is a big investment. After hours of careful consideration, I finally decided on a color scheme.
With paint chips in hand,I drove to Gaylord, about 65 miles south of here, to the paint store. I asked for a quart of paint of all the chosen colors. While the paint was being mixed up I happened to glance to my right because a color palette had caught my eye. I liked it so much I asked for two quarts of the new colors. I left the store with six quarts of paint and headed home. When I got home I asked Lynn for an old door onto which I painted both color schemes. The next day he carried the door outside and place it in different places on the building. You know what? He loved the new color scheme better than the on I spent hours coming up with. I will take pictures of the paint job in progress. We are looking forward to your reactions!

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