Fun Times

The Memorial Day Parade 2011 went off as planned yesterday. From the lobby I could hear the sirens and the sounds of music drifting from the streets downtown. At 1:00 Lynn and Vincent were off to the parade. Vincent took along my camera to take pictures of my childhood favorite…The Lone Ranger. Yes, he was there with his silver bullets and his trusty steed, Silver. Walking along side of the Lone Ranger was Tonto, his friend. As a child I … Continued

Dazed And Confused

The other day Lynn was leaving to run some errands. He stopped abruptly when he notice a bird sitting in the drive thru. He got out of the car and tried to get the bird to fly away. But the bird wouldn’t move. We got closer and discovered that the bird just didn’t look right. Then I figured it out. I was in the lobby working when I heard a “thud” on the window. I thought it was someone waving … Continued

Foggy Times

This is the time of year, because of the warmer temperatures passing over the cold waters of the straits, that we encounter fog. Sometimes it is an eerie feeling. Other times with the sound of the fog signal on the bridge singing out, it is very relaxing. The fog that we have had for the past few days lingers over the straits covering the bridge then revealing only parts of the bridge. Finally totally engulfing the bridge. The fog allows … Continued

The Helpers

I looked out the lobby window and saw this beautiful bird.. I have no idea what kind of bird it is. So I watched until I thought it flew away. Then there were about six of the feathery friends in the drive through picking at the seams in the pavement.. When they had made a mess all over the drive through it looked like they were line dancing. Take a look. Who are these guys?

The Outing

On Mother’s Day weekend,our daughter, Rebecca, and her husband, Tim, took me for a drive. The day was chilly and fog rolled in and covered the bridge or parts of it all day long. We headed for Wilderness State Park for a drive along the shoreline. I hopped out and took pictures of the fog rolling in over the beautiful beaches. This area is a beautiful example of how scenic the north country is. I hope you enjoy the ride!

Catching Up

Lynn and I have been busy with spring cleaning…everything. We have decided to give a fresh look to the Riviera. I was given the task of figuring out a color scheme.I poured over paint chips and paid close attention to Curb Appeal on HGTV. I was being very careful deciding the colors because I wanted the building to look great and because 100 gallons of paint is a big investment. After hours of careful consideration, I finally decided on a … Continued

Meet The Flickers

Yes, we have a couple of Northern Flicker woodpeckers that have moved into a tree next to our lobby. I heard the loud “singing” and went out to investigate. I took pictures of the happy couple while they were sitting on a branch by their nest. When a black bird tried to get into the nest, the male woodpecker chased him away and then proceeded to go into the hole in the tree where the nest is to check everything … Continued

The Disappearing Act

I looked out my window and noticed that fog was rolling in over the bridge. I grabbed my camera and outside I went. Within 5 minutes or less the bridge was entirely engulfed. See for your self.