The Ice Bridge

One question I am asked frequently is,”How do people get off the island in the winter?” The answer, the ice bridge. The ice bridge is the frozen waters of the Straits of Mackinac that lie between St Ignace and Mackinac Island. The Native Americans take their Christmas trees and place them in the frozen waters thus marking the snowmobile trail to and from the island.Workers and residents of the island hitch a trailer to their snowmobile for supplies and off they go cruising the frozen straits to either the mainland or home to the island. The trail begins in the parking lot of the Mackinac Grill in St Ignace and ends near the library on Mackinac Island. I ventured across the Mighty Mac to the beginning of the ice bridge and took some pictures for you. I had to hurry because as you will be able to tell, the lake effect snow was moving in. Look closely at the final picture. You will see the channel light for the island and all the slender dark stick like objects are the Christmas trees marking the trail. I hope you enjoy the view of the beautiful ice bridge.

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