Peaceful Shrine

The other day I was supposed to be going to Cheboygan to grocery shop. As I was driving down I-75 on the sunny, fall afternoon, I decided to keep going till Indian River. I got off and visited The Cross In The Woods. I parked the car and ventured into the tree lined walk way passing several statues along the way including Our Lady Of The Highway, The Holy Family and St. Francis Of Assisi. I wandered along the path leading to the outdoor sanctuary glancing up and seeing the Crucifix through the trees. I sat in a pew and it was so peaceful.I was surrounded by trees. The birds were singing and all focus was on the huge cross in the center of the outdoor sanctuary. The original cross was made of redwood and was put in place in 1954. It has deteriorated over the years and a metal cross has temporarily taken its place. On the cross is a bronze image of the crucified Jesus which was put into place in 1959.
I did not want to leave this place. I hope you will put this on your “to do ” list as one stop you don’t want to miss when you visit northern Michigan.

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