Stormy Weather

Over the last few weeks, we have experienced very high winds and a lot of rain. One storm that hit in the early morning hours of August 19th dumped almost five inches of rain in a three hour period. This storm was accompanied by very high winds that blew the rain everywhere. I looked out my window at about 4 a.m. and was stunned at what I was seeing. The rain was pouring so hard that it made me feel like I was standing inside a water faucet turn on high. I could not see out any window because the heavy rain looked like a blurred sheet of glass.
A few days later, another storm hit with a gale warning this time. Freighters dropped anchor between St Ignace and Mackinac Island to take shelter from the powerful waves and wind. Another storm on Friday of Labor Day weekend hit again with high winds and rain. How high are high winds? The winds were blowing in excess of 40m.p.h. The Mackinaw Bridge Authority was escorting just about every kind of vehicle except cars.Waves on Lake Michigan were being reported at 15-25 feet. It has been a rough and tumble few weeks. Take a look.

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