Labor Day 2010

Labor Day morning was dark and a light mist was falling. This was the first time in our 12 years that Labor Day morning was wet. I always look forward to taking pictures of the sunrise. I was disappointed this year. The sky looked threatening . I thought all the walkers would get soaked. I kept looking out the lobby window as I was setting up for breakfast in the lobby. I would wave to the guests they walked by on their way to the buses that would take them over the bridge. Finally, just as I finished setting up breakfast, I noticed a ray of sun. I grabbed my camera and took this picture of the sunrise. As our guests returned from the bridge walk, they would share stories of their adventure walking the Mighty Mac. The number one feeling…everyone on the bridge was having a blast. Total strangers would talk and tell stories of previous walks and how many times they have walked.
After the guests had finished breakfast and the telling of their stories,they wandered back to their rooms for a nap. I went about the business of running a motel with a feeling of contentment that our guests had such a good time.

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