Times Are Changing

The early morning sun isn’t so early any more and the sun sets earlier every day. The sun rises about 7 a.m. and washes the pool deck and trees in a golden pink cast. It is almost like the sun doesn’t want to get out of bed to awaken the world.
In the evening, the sunset pictures I was able to take from our balcony, is now obscured in the trees in the Lighthouse Park next door. I have to venture out further and try to get sunset pictures elsewhere. The evening colors of the sunset rays are a golden-orange, indicating a change of season is near. It is a beautiful sight watching from the lobby as the sun rays set the trees aglow in a warm golden light.
There is a peacefulness that surrounds me as I watch the transition of the seasons. This is my favorite time of year for colorful sun rises and sunsets. Take a look for yourself.

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