Times Are Changing

The early morning sun isn’t so early any more and the sun sets earlier every day. The sun rises about 7 a.m. and washes the pool deck and trees in a golden pink cast. It is almost like the sun doesn’t want to get out of bed to awaken the world. In the evening, the sunset pictures I was able to take from our balcony, is now obscured in the trees in the Lighthouse Park next door. I have to … Continued

Bats and Birds and Turtles..Oh My!

We have shown you pictures of chipmunks,ground squirrels,bats,birds and more. Now I have a painted turtle for you. My neighbor across the street from us, told me that her son went outside and there it was. The turtle was right outside their door. He picked up the turtle and put it in a bucket of shallow water. After returning from work he returned the turtle to it’s habitat. The art-like work on the belly of the turtle is beautiful. Take … Continued

Another Beautiful Sunset

Lake effect rain moved in briefly the other evening. The sky looked like we were really going to get a rain event.We got spritzed on and then this…

Amazing Sunset

There are no words to describe this incredible sunset. The soft pastel hues bathed everything and made one feel like they were part of a master portrait.

Morning Has Broken

To borrow the lines from a famous song “Morning has broken“. The colors were so soft and the morning so peaceful. The soft hues of pink and lavender washed over the landscape. It was a beautiful way to start the day.

New Memorial In Mackinaw

Last weekend was the Ironworker’s Festival and phase one of the Ironworker’s Memorial was unveiled and dedicated to all ironworkers. The memorial is a brief walk down the street from us, just before entering Colonial Fort Michilimackinac.

Hop To It!

We asked, Cody, a member of our staff, to vacuum the stairs on the front of the building. He went to get the wet-vac that is stored in the poolroom under the pool. He took off an attachment and noticed this…Yes, your eyes aren’t deceiving you, It is a good size frog in the exhaust hose. How it got there we have no idea. Lynn kept encouraging me to get closer for a better picture. I told him I did … Continued

August Sunrise

Looking out my window this morning the sun was casting a soft peachy glow. I ran out to the end of our building on the second floor and took these pictures for you. Hope these pictures get your day off to a pleasant start.

Colorful Fog

This was what I saw when I looked out the window at 6:30 a.m. That’s right…blue fog.The early morning sun gradually changed the fog to white. Oh, by the way, that bird in the picture..I asked him to fly so he could be in my picture. Nice bird.

Breath Taking Sunset

I took these pictures of sunset for you. The wind was kicking up the waves and the sun was darting in and out of the clouds. It was a clash of the noise from the rushing water and the peacefulness of the sunset. Hope you enjoy this moment.