The Flood

The song Tiny Bubbles took on a whole new meaning the other day. I was putting away cleaning supplies in the closet outside the laundryroom and keeping an eye on the laundry in the washers. I had a plan to get all 12 loads done by early afternoon so I wanted to keep the laundry moving. I had just glanced at the machines and everything was o.k. I opened a closet door that blocked my view of the machines when … Continued

Sails of Many Colors

This years Chicago to Mackinac yacht race was so colorful. The billowy sails were red,blue, lime green,yellow and yes, still some hold out beige ones. There were times when I counted thirty-five yachts, a tug boat, barge, and a ferry boat all at one time. As I stood on our pool deck I could look down Lake Michigan and the beautiful sails were visible. I took several pictures so you could get an idea of how colorful and beautiful these … Continued

The Yachts Are Coming!

This morning I looked out my window and saw the first yacht from the Chicago to Mackinac race. I had to hurry because the yacht was almost out of sight. I snapped it just in time. Then I went out on the balcony by the end of the building and took some pictures of the early morning sun. I hope you can feel the calmness and see the beauty of the early morning in Mackinaw while you are having your … Continued

The Appledore V

Most of yesterday I could look out at the straits and see this magnificent tall ship cruising the waters. I took some pictures from our place and then went to the Lake Michigan shore and took some others. Hope you enjoy.

Rain Drops A Fallin’ On My Head ?

In the afternoon, between assisting guests and helping me with laundry, Lynn enjoys a breather on the glider in the shade of the huge pine tree. Yesterday Lynn sat down and was enjoying the moment, when he felt what he thought was rain drops on his head. A few seconds later some landed on his arm and another went down his back. It wasn’t rain and it was itchy. Lynn looked up in the pine tree and noticed a squirrel … Continued

Foggy Tug of War

Last week we had high humidity and foggy starts to our day. Notice in these pictures the fog bank is in St Ignace. All morning it headed toward us and at times encased the bridge. The fog reminded me of a tug of war game between St Ignace and Mackinaw City. The fog tried to push into Mackinaw City, but was halted and pushed back into St Ignace. It was fascinating to watch.

Drag Race on the Straits!

This morning, with shampoo in my eyes, I took these pictures of two freighters, heading in the same direction, at the same time, going under the bridge. Talk about the “little boat that could”…take a look.