The Visitor

I was folding the last of the laundry the other day. I took a step backward to put the laundry on the shelf. All of the sudden I felt something on my calf. I looked down and saw something black and about 8 inches tall trying to climb my leg. Naturally I screamed so loud I could have been heard on the space station. I tossed the laundry up in the air as the bird started fluttering around my face and neck. I thought Lynn would come running. But I ran out of the laundryroom and saw Lynn on the glider getting some vitamin D and asked him if he planned to help me out. He said that he was on his way and asked what was going on. I told him that a black bird of some kind mistook my leg for a birch tree and was waiting in the laundryroom for a personal escort out. The bird did not want to leave. Finally the bird was captured by putting a rag over him and carrying him into the park where he was released. I guess I need to keep the storm door closed to the laundryroom.

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