Ships Ahoy!

No, I’m not talking Chips Ahoy! By the swimming pool I took pictures of the Nina and Pinta as they pasted by. It is a moment when one can reflect on what our predecessors must have gone through just to get here.
I’m used to seeing 1000 feet long freighters. Then I look out in the straits and see these incredible replicas from a bygone era. The Nina is the most historically accurate replica ever made.It is 65′ long and 1919 square feet. The Nina was built 20 years ago and no power tools were used to recreate her. The Pinta was built 5 years ago and is the larger of the two vessels. The Pinta was designed and built larger to allow for deck tours. It is 3,800 square feet and has an air conditioned cabin below deck. Columbus had too much on his mind, like proving that one could actually sail into the horizon without falling off the then thought of, flat earth, to create air conditioned cabins. The Nina was Columbus’ ship and he sailed on her for 25,000 miles. No one knows what happened to the Nina after 1501. If you get the opportunity to see these incredible historical ships, treat yourself. In the meantime, hope you enjoy my photos of them.

The Nina

The Pinta

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