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Now that the weather has broken and it is not snowing here, it is actually a short sleeved kinda day. It is sunny, with a gentle breeze blowing, and we have a beautiful blue sky. The straits are so calm they look like blue satin. A site like this makes it very difficult to get any work done. I’d rather pull up a lounge chair and enjoy the view under the warm sun. This is not to be and here is why.
We are renovating some bathrooms…contractor #1. We have renovated the smoking rooms and put new carpeting in them as well as others…contractor #2 and we are doing some repairs to the outside of the building…contractor #3. All this work will be completed by Memorial weekend.
Lynn is busy installing new light fixtures in the rooms and is getting started on the swimming pool. This afternoon he will power wash the pool. Tomorrow he will paint the pool and on Thursday he will put all the safety markings in the pool. He will let it dry for 24 hours and then start filling it. All 26,000 gallons. The filling takes two days. The heater will be lighted and in approximately 36 hours the water will be 95 degrees. It will be waiting for your cannonballs or for you to sit back, relax and watch freighters go by.
I have been busy getting all linens ready,assisting the staff with cleaning issues,answering contractor questions, and meeting with sales persons over the purchase of new luggage racks and chairs for the rooms. Also I have been meeting with people to purchase about 12 flats of flowers,mulch and any other supplies needed to do our spring planting. I am hoping to plant the first weekend in June. My sister and her hubby, our daughter and her hubby, are coming up to help. It will be a great weekend! We are looking forward to having you enjoy out labors. Hope to hear from you!

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