The Perfect Shot

I noticed a man standing in the cold,rocky water of the straits. He was standing there with his tripod anchored in the water for sometime waiting for the perfect shot of the lights coming on the bridge. He must have been getting really uncomfortable standing on the rocks and feeling the cold water on his legs because he headed to shore. Then he had to walk over a very rocky patch…He apparently decided the time was right to take his … Continued


Can anyone out there tell me why pictures take on a mind of their own when published to the blog? I spend a lot of time arranging them just the way I like and then bam! They get posted wrong! Can anyone tell me why?

Evenings..the Best Part Of The Day

I took a walk the other evening along the beach and took these pictures for you. There is nothing like ending the day gazing at the beauty of the straits area. Finally it was time for a gorgeous sunset…I wasn’t disappointed. Thanks for keeping me company .

Patchy Fog?

The weatherman called for a forecast of “patchy” fog. I watched as it rolled in off the straits and loved the way the sun looked as it’s rays bounced off the fog.I felt as though I was being engulfed in nature as I walked into the fog. A very peaceful moment.

Springin Ahead

Usually at this time of year, the trees are just starting to bud…if we are lucky. By Memorial Day weekend my daffodils are blooming and the trilliums can be seen as you glance into wooded areas as you drive by. Not this year. We have blossomed! The trees are in full bloom and the lilacs which normally don’t bloom until mid June are blooming in Cheboygan and neighboring cities. The trilliums have been seen for the last two weeks. I … Continued

The Latest News

Now that the weather has broken and it is not snowing here, it is actually a short sleeved kinda day. It is sunny, with a gentle breeze blowing, and we have a beautiful blue sky. The straits are so calm they look like blue satin. A site like this makes it very difficult to get any work done. I’d rather pull up a lounge chair and enjoy the view under the warm sun. This is not to be and here … Continued

A View From The Top

Our,daughters, Andrea and Sarah took me to Old Mill Creek on Mother’s Day. It is a wonderful place to hike on nature trails or climb a rock wall amongst other things. They climbed the wall…I decided to take the short cut by walking the eight flights of stairs to the top. When I got to the top this is what I saw…

Down By The Old Mill Stream

I had a wonderful day with our daughters, Andrea and Sarah, at Old Mill Creek. It is a fantastic place for hiking, observing animals in their natural habitat and enjoying the beauty of the north country. The saw mill is a replica of the 1790 mill that was used on this site. Period actors demonstrate the use of the water powered saw. The swinging bridge is on the last leg of the guided tour to the ZIP line that Andrea … Continued

Where Am I?

Make a guess where this picture was taken from. Let’s see if anyone can figure it out!

Getting Better

Finally, I was able to get a somewhat decent night picture of a freighter going under the Mighty Mac. Hope you enjoy!