Heading North

Today is packing day. We always think we are taking less “stuff” then the moment of truth hits us. We need a van stretcher. We not only have all our personal belongings, but add to it four flat screen TVs, the computer and of course Lynn’s’ baby, his miter saw, and suddenly packing becomes a lesson in logistics. Why all the flat screen TVs? The flat screens are liquid crystal and if they are left in rooms that are unheated … Continued

Excitment In Mackinaw??

The other day I called my friend in Mackinaw to see what was going on. She told me nothing was happening at all until yesterday. I asked her what happened. She told me that she received a call from another neighbor asking if she new why the police were at the Riviera. She said she had no idea why they were there. She called the police and asked why they were at the Riviera and inquired if the motel had … Continued

Spring Update

We are busy making plans to renovate some bathrooms and to convert the smoking rooms to non smoking rooms because the Michigan Legislature pasted a no smoking law that will take effect on May 1, 2010. This involves all new carpeting,bedding and special cleaning of all furniture and walls to make the room fresh. It is a unique experience doing renovations in Mackinaw because in the metropolitan area I’m from, every possible item I would need for a renovation is … Continued