Stormy Weather

 Last Saturday, Fort Fright Night, was strange day for weather. This is a picture of a storm moving in from the north.   The sun was out one minute. Then I noticed the white stuff…yep, it was snowing in St Ignace. The day continued with a mix of rain, sleet and snow. Finally around 4p.m. we had a downpour of the wintry mix driven by very gusty winds. I looked at the calender to make sure that it was October…it … Continued

Fort Fright Night

  All 24 of us left for Fort Fright at sunset, dressed in winter clothes. It was very brisk with strong winds blowing out of the Northwest.  We stopped by a bond fire and listed to the French voyageur wearing a skunk skin hat, tell us why he is to frightened to sleep in the fort. Then he pulled his good luck charm out of his shirt..a REAL snake! I was ready to face the ghosts and spirits of the … Continued

12 Days Till Closing

Last night I could not sleep past 4 a.m.I was laying there thinking …only 12 days till we close for the season.Humm…12 days till closing 12 Days of Christmas. That’s when I got inspired to write my version of The Twelve Days.Hope this little diddie of mine gives you a few laughs! The 12 Days Till Closing On the First day till closing Lynn said to me, ” We have a motel to be closed”.On the second day till closing … Continued

I See The Light

 This is McGulpin Point Lighthouse. Around May 27 of this year, the original light was put back in the tower. It will always stay lighted. I have tried on numerous occasions to snap a picture of the light for you. Finally I did it! Here it is for you.    

Here Come The Big Rigs

  On Saturday we were blessed with a warm, clear night. The sounds of 106 big rigs could be heard before you saw them. These trucks are immaculate and loaded with lights in places I had no idea truck lights could be put. They are beautiful against the black night sky. Some were totally encased in patriotic murals. Those were the ones that got a huge response from the crowds that lined the main streets. The parade lasted about 1 … Continued


That’s right…902 antique tractors came and most drove across the Mackinac Bridge. We had green ones,red ones,white ones and yes even pink ones.There were Farmall,John Deer and Olivers, just to name few. They lined up, some with the flag flying out behind, others waited patiently for their turn to make “the drive”.The parade started at 10:30 a.m. and we watched the last tractor leave our sight at 3:10 p.m.It was quite a parade.These tractors evokes memories of a by gone … Continued