Labor’s Day

The morning broke with a beautiful sunrise over a fog bank. This fog bank rolled down the straits and engulfed the bridge. I felt sorry for the people on the bridge because they couldn’t see a thing. I felt like shouting”Land Ahoy” when I saw them emerge out of the fog. This is a first for us, we have never seen fog on Labor’s Day before.I’m happy to report that the people in front when the fog hit, kept walking … Continued


I don’t get it! Computers can be exasperating. I was proud of my movie about the stormy Saturday. I wrote a little blip about it and imported the movie..just like I’m supposed to. I previewed the story and posted it for you. And NOTHING! No movie. Just a story. It is like trying to eat ice cream with no spoon. I promise, I will find out what happened and you will see the movie. Has crazy things with your computer … Continued

Stormy Weather

Last Saturday we had quite an all day storm. The winds were howling at 40 mph and some gusts were higher. A cold front dropping down from Canada coming over the warmer lakes, created lake effect rain. In other words it poured like crazy…sideways rain is what we had. I went out to stack chairs on the balcony because they were blowing around. I didn’t have to walk far because the wind blew them at me. I took a movie … Continued

Lucky Ones

The other morning I glanced out the lobby window and caught sight of two incredibly lucky people flying high above the Mighty Mac. This is one ride I wish I was on!    

Watch Your Step!

They other evening around 9:00 after the last guest had taken the final dip in the pool for the day, Lynn had to give the pool a special treatment. He headed out to the pool house in the dark. The pool house is located under the pool. Lynn proceeded down the seven stairs and was about to unlock the door to the pool house when he heard “crunch”. He picked up his right foot and there in was…he had stepped … Continued