Strange Things Happen In Threes

I have already told you about Alvin the chipmunk visiting our cleaning staff. Well, it seems that was the beginning of a strange day. The day started with Alvin, event number one.
Event number two happened after I had checked-in a guest. The guests went upstairs to their bridge view room. About five minutes after they were in their room, I received a call from them telling me that there is a weird buzzing noise in there room. I went up to investigate. We looked at the alarm clock,nothing. Checked the smoke detector, nothing. Humm..the noise sounded familiar. I decided to check the laundry room to see if the timers were turned on the dryers…nothing. Where was the noise coming from? As I was on my way back upstairs, they stopped me with the news that they had solved the mystery. Her electric toothbrush was turned on inside her luggage. No wonder the noise sounded familiar!
Event number three happened to Lynn. He noticed a young man running from the beach, across the pool deck and up the back stairs. He then started to climb up the balcony railings. Lynn asked him what he thought he was doing and he replied that he was climbing onto the roof to retrieve his kite. Lynn told him no, just wait and the wind will blow the kite down. Sure enough, the wind did blow the kite down. Would you endanger yourself by climbing up onto a second floor roof for a kite?
People, it was just a strange day running a motel.

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