Find The Freighter

The fog signal on the bridge started blowing. Then I heard a response from a freighter and was not able to see the approaching boat due to the fog. I decided to attempt to take pictures as the freighter was coming under the bridge. Hope you will be able to see it.

Just Passing Through

I looked out my window around 6 a.m. and noticed the beautiful reflection of the bridge in the water. So I took the picture for you. A very few minutes later I noticed what I call “skinny” fog just passing through. This fog struck me as unique and I thought you might enjoy seeing it

Going, Going, Gone

It has been an unusual week, weather wise.The week started out very comfortable, around 70 degrees. Then the humidity and warm air moved over the cold waters of the straits and voila… fog. The fog moved in and out most of the day. By evening it was gone.

Orange Sherbet Sunset

This beautiful sunset made me want to get out the ice cream cones and a scoop. It was stunning and I thought you would want to see it. Enjoy!

Down By The Old Mill Creek?

If you have never visited Old Mill Creek, I would highly recommend that you do.Old Mill Creek is a water power saw mill that dates back to the late 1700’s. Reenactors, dressed in period costumes, depict life running a saw mill operation. We enjoyed the demonstration of the water powered saw and volunteers are asked to help with the two man hand saw.There are nature trails, rock climbing walls and of course the zip line. One can enjoy all the … Continued

The Freeloader

I was kneeling down in my garden spreading mulch around under the hosta leaves when I saw a pair of eyes and a furry body looking at me. My gloved hand was about six inches from those eyes that looked quite perturbed with me. I did a eek and so did the chipmunk. He quickly ran back into his house under the hosta plant that led to a tunnel under the sign. He emerged a few minutes later at the … Continued

The Light Is Back!

I went for a five minute drive to enjoy the beautiful sunset and to take pictures of McGulpin Point Lighthouse. McGulpin Point’s light was turned off in 1906 and has been privately owned since. Emmet County purchased the lighthouse last year and decided to put the light back in the tower . The lighthouse will stay lighted and is now used for navigational purposes. A relighting ceremony was held on May 30, 2009 and the lighthouse is opened on weekends … Continued

Fly High

Next time you are in Mackinaw, do yourself a favor and go parasailing. I did…twice. The first time I went 300 feet and the second time 600 feet. It is the most relaxing, peaceful thing I have ever done. There is no noise from cars, boats, birds or anything. All you do is sit in a parachute and enjoy the wind in you face and the beautiful Straits of Mackinaw. Please,please put this on your to do list…you won’t be … Continued

Morning Reflections

I was up about 6:00 a.m. , looked out my window and this is what I saw. It was so still that the straits looked like satin. I could hear the birds singing and thought you may enjoy seeing the reflection of the bridge towers in the water. It is a very peaceful morning…so far.

Do Not Disturb

This is Donovan. I name these little fur balls every year the same way the National Weather Service does with hurricanes…alphabetically. So far this year we have met Alice, Bogart and Carl. This is the newest member of the batty Riviera staff. I first met Donovan on my way to the laundry room one morning..he whizzed by my head. He then landed on several bricks. Poor Donovan, he could not find a comfortable brick to save his life! Finally, he … Continued