Memorial Day

Today we celebrate Memorial Day with a wonderful two hour parade . From the lobby I could hear the marching bands and sirens from the fire trucks. The parade ends under the bridge and from my lobby window I can see all the floats, bands and of course, clowns. It was quite a show.
After the parade, at Colonial Fort Michilimackinac a historic re-enactment takes place. It is an account of a battle between the English and the Indians that took place in the 1760’s. It is historically accurate right down to the soles of the shoes worn at that time. I can hear the sound of the muskets and cannon from my lobby. It is also something to see Indians in costume walking around town talking on cell phones. It kind of messes with your mind a little.
We also have a Memorial Day service before the parade begins to commemorate the sacrifices of so many soldiers. It is a time honored tradition that makes one remember why we celebrate this day.
Tonight at dusk we will have a fireworks. They are always a beautiful sight against the black night sky. I am really looking forward to watching them.
I hope that wherever you are, that you are able to enjoy the company of family and friends. Perhaps, even enjoying a barbecue. Yum..please put one on the grill for me!
Happy Memorial Day!

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