Mother’s Day Trip

Our daughter, Rebecca and her husband,Tim, and daughter Andrea came up for Mother’s Day weekend. They said for me to pick whatever I wanted to do. So I did. We drove across the bridge to St Ignace and this is what we saw… Paul Bunyan and Babe the Blue Ox are standing guard over Castle Rock. Paul got a new shirt! We couldn’t climb Castle Rock because it was not open yet. So we just waved at it. So….how did … Continued

Rush Hour

Here’s a picture of rush hour traffic in downtown Mackinaw City. Just think, we don’t have a traffic helicopter to report any major traffic congestion.

Memorial Day

Today we celebrate Memorial Day with a wonderful two hour parade . From the lobby I could hear the marching bands and sirens from the fire trucks. The parade ends under the bridge and from my lobby window I can see all the floats, bands and of course, clowns. It was quite a show.After the parade, at Colonial Fort Michilimackinac a historic re-enactment takes place. It is an account of a battle between the English and the Indians that took … Continued

Blow Me Down!

It has been quite an interesting week…weather wise. It started out cold, highs in the mid forties with wind from the northwest at about 20 m.p.h. I dressed in layers of turtlenecks and fleece. Then we woke up Tuesday morning and needed cement shoes just to walk outside. The wind had increased to 40 m.p.h. with gusts higher. This lasted for three days. Lynn was trying to put the finishing touches on the pool so we would have it ready … Continued

The Rumbling

Our second evening here proved to be a noisy one. I looked out the window and saw a beautiful sunset one minute and the next I heard the rumble of thunder. I got brave and snapped a few pictures of a thunderstorm coming in from Lake Michigan. I was going to attempt a few pictures of the magnificent lightning strikes until lightning struck in the middle of our parking lot. I admit…I’m a chicken. You’ll just have to take my … Continued

First Fog of the Season

On our first morning here, we awoke to the sound of the fog horn. It is a sound that says “go back to sleep”. It is a very soothing sound. I took these pictures of the first fog of our season for you. Hope you can hear the sound of the fog horn and the birds as they navigate through the fog. Probably the reason birds sound so loud in the fog is so that they do not run into … Continued

I get many questions about leaving our home and coming north. We buy everything we need for six months and cram it into the van. As you can tell, we barely fit into the van. After we close the door, we lock the doors and make sure we are careful when we get out of the van for lunch that nothing falls out!    This is my Q-Tip tree. Have you noticed it on I-75? We’re getting close.   There’s … Continued

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