High Wind Warning

I was walking into the 50 m.p.h. wind that was so powerful it untied my hood and made walking a real workout. I made it under the bridge and stood next to a bridge pier hoping that the pier would block the wind. I held my camera up and peered through the lens, waiting for the “big one”. I watched the approach of several large waves and watched the wave wrap around the pier.  

The Big One

Look at the size of that wave! Notice how part of the wave is touching the road way of the bridge. This picture depicts the fierceness and power of the water. By the way it scared the daylights out of me!  

Hang On

The winds were howling at 50 m.p.h and there were gusts even higher. I decided to put my super gravity shoes on, winter hat and gloves and venture under the bridge to capture some wave action. This picture shows several small waves hitting the bridge and vehicles being escorted over the bridge.  

Big Orange Surprise

I was awakened around 4:30 a.m. by the sound of the roaring winds. I waited until daylight to go out and see if the water had huge waves that I could photograph. I walked out onto the lake view balcony and was amazed at the huge orange ball hiding in the trees in the Lighthouse Park. I have never seen a moon this large, this orange,and in the western sky. I ran back in and grabbed my camera to capture … Continued

Under The Bridge Traffic Jam

The last week we were open in October proved to be eventful. Several of our guests made their last trip north for the fall colors and were excited that they were able to see two freighters go under the bridge at the same time. One guest told me that he had been coming north for over 25 years and never saw this incredible sight. For all of you who missed it…hope you enjoy.