Scary Night

Last weekend was Fort Fright Night at Colonial Fort Michilamackinac. Three of our guests accompanied me to the fort for this fall event. We had a blast! Of course they made ME go first around every dark corner and into every doorway…they were fradie cats!
It was a perfect night for ghosts and gobblins. The black, velvet sky reflected the stars and the full moon cast a milky hue over the fort. It was a night of ghost stories being told around huge bond fires and drinking apple cider. If one looked closely, the ghost of a young girl could be seen as she walked aimlessly around the fort. From time to time screams could be heard. Of course, there was no scream like mine. That’s right…mine. The three guests that accompanied me,had me go out of a building first. It was so dark you could hardly see the person you were with. I told them that this is a great place for someone to jump out and scare us. Even though I felt deep inside that someone was going to jump out…I still screamed. I think it must have been the white, ghostly face about an inch from mine that did the trick. However, I was not to be out done in the scream department. One of my guests was a school teacher who decided that the full white moon hanging over the fort cast and erry sight that she needed to take a picture of for her students. While she was doing so, the ghost stood almost on top of her. I tried to tell her not to be frightened because the ghost was directly behind her. She didn’t listen, took her picture, turned and was face to face with the ghost. I had no idea that a human being could scream so loudly. I thought for sure that the walls of the fort were going to crumble. After the initial shock had worn off her, we had a great laugh. The ghost told her that she was the best scare of the night.
If you get the opportunity, this is a great way to celebrate the harvest!

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