Down At The Laundry Mat?

On days that are extremely busy or extremely hot, I do the laundry at the laundry mat. The laundry mat is owned by a real nice couple and because we are in a small town, I get to meet people I ordinarily wouldn’t. While the laundry is washing/drying, it is my opportunity to sit down and relax. I usually bring some sewing with me to keep me busy. I have noticed that when I am sewing, people always want to see what I’m doing…thus opening the door to conversation. I have met people on vacation from all over the US and I have met locals. Locals are people that have cottages here for the summer. Whether I’m sewing or reading..the women want to talk to me. It starts out with one woman then before you know it, there is a group of us. We talk about everything. But what are we really doing? We are bonding. Chances are I will not ever see them again. The conversation is safe. We all have so much in common…husbands, children, some have grand children, and everyone is very concerned about the economy. We quickly navigate away from any real serious conversation about politics and get right down to bonding. We laugh a lot and understand what each other is going through. When the dryers start buzzing, everyone jumps up and gets busy folding. I start sorting my laundry while I listen to the women giving instructions to helpful husbands. It kind of reminds me of a husband giving instructions to his wife about changing the oil on the car. I’ve decided, that while most wives appreciate their husbands efforts to help, husbands don’t take instructions well. Women want everything folded in a certain way and husbands figure that it is clean and as long as the laundry is folded in some kind of square it is OK. They need to go to folding school.
As the women leave one by one, they are in a good mood and part with saying that they have never had so much fun doing laundry. We shared, sympathized and laughed at funny stories or just because. Everyone left the laundry mat refreshed and ready to take on the rest of the day. Who would have thought that going to the laundry mat would make you feel so good.
Remember the song Down At The Car wash? Well, I changed the words to Down At The Laundry Mat. It sounded good!

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