Double or Nothing

We received a shipment of pillows to replace the old ones in all our rooms. We temporarily used a downstairs room in the corner next to the laundry room as our dispensing room. I made several trips into this room and each time I crossed the threshold, I heard a “squeak”. I thought the squeaky sound was coming from the washer or the threshold, so I ignored it. By the end of the day my staff and I had accomplished our goal of putting in all the new pillows and straightening up the corner room. I asked the staff to please vacuum the mats off outside the room. As our housekeeper was vacuuming, she kept hearing the squeaky noise. She turned off the vacuum and said that she thinks there is a bat under the mat. She called our male staff member who picked up the mat and found two pudgy bats sleeping peacefully, now that there was no one stepping or vacuuming over them. I was amazed that the bats were not flat as pancakes. After all, it was not just me who kept stepping on them. It was also my housekeeping staff consisting of three adults. I waited behind a screened door watching as our brave staff member carefully put a rag over the bats, one at a time, and turned them out into the park next door. Just for the record, I was not the only person watching (not hiding)as the bats were being removed to a safe place. Another staff member waited behind the steel door of the corner room and kept asking “Are they gone? Are they gone?” She is not crazy about bats either. We had one brave female staff person who stood and examined the bats, telling us how “cute” they were. I prefer Elvis impersonators.

Just thought I’d let you know that no one was harmed in the process of writing this blog.

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