Double or Nothing

We received a shipment of pillows to replace the old ones in all our rooms. We temporarily used a downstairs room in the corner next to the laundry room as our dispensing room. I made several trips into this room and each time I crossed the threshold, I heard a “squeak”. I thought the squeaky sound was coming from the washer or the threshold, so I ignored it. By the end of the day my staff and I had accomplished … Continued

The Race

In mid July, The Chicago to Mackinac Yacht race took place. It is usually quite a sight to see these yachts come under the bridge. However, I was a bit disappointed because the sails are usually bright yellow, purple, red or blue. But not this year…they were BEIGE! I thought it would be interesting to take pictures of the yachts going under the bridge. So I went down under the bridge and snapped a few. The yacht with the large … Continued

Like To Ski?

One evening I took this picture because it looked like mountains. Imagine going sking or hiking with the Mighty Mac in view. Wow! Now that’s a thought.

Stop and Smell the Flowers

I love flowers so I thought you may enjoy seeing some of my favorite shots. These are the red and white Begonias and Irises that I have growing along side my building. The Iris was one of my mother’s favorite flowers. This group of 120 started with just three Iris bulbs two years ago! Wild Forget-Me-Nots on Mackinac Island.Poppies are just a beautiful sight in May or any time. These gorgeous Lilies are in the Butterfly House on Mackinac Island. … Continued

Good News!

You probably won’t beleive this but I installed WI-FI in the motel. Thats you can bring your lap top and enjoy free internet access from your room or anywhere on our property. I wasn’t going to mention this until I knew for sure that it was working properly. Yea for me I did it!

Watercolor Sunset

This sunset doesn’t look real to me. It looks like someone painted a mural. It was such a peaceful sight that I couldn’t resist sharing these with you. I hope you enjoy them. The bridge looks so far away here. It is so much closer in person.

The Plesant Surprise

Yesterday evening I went across the bridge to have dinner at the Northern Lights restaurant and to go grocery shopping. I was exhausted after a rather hectic day so I was just enjoying sitting at my table alone gazing out the window at all the beautiful pine trees across the street. I was sipping on my iced tea (I promise it was only tea), when right outside my window flew two bald eagles! I almost choked on my tea. The … Continued

Down At The Laundry Mat?

On days that are extremely busy or extremely hot, I do the laundry at the laundry mat. The laundry mat is owned by a real nice couple and because we are in a small town, I get to meet people I ordinarily wouldn’t. While the laundry is washing/drying, it is my opportunity to sit down and relax. I usually bring some sewing with me to keep me busy. I have noticed that when I am sewing, people always want to … Continued