Ninety Plus and Goin Strong!

The Fourth of July weekend has always been one of my favorite times up here. We sold out for this weekend and I met some fascinating guests. First there was Mae. Mae was celebrating her 97th birthday. She was incredible walking around everywhere unassisted and very spunky. I had the chance to ask her about the most fascinating moment of her life. She said there were to many to single out just one. She just loved watching the fireworks. After the fireworks, I noticed that Mae was cold. So I brought her a hot blanket. I helped her daughter wrap her up for the night and we got to talking about her life. She was married in 1931 during the depression. Her first daughter was born in 1933. Mae would save pennies to buy the long stockings that babies wore pinned to their diapers for warmth. Depression years were rough years. But they lived on a farm in the thumb area of Michigan and they got by. Mae still lives on her farm.
Connie was here to celebrate her 80th birthday. Her children came here from as far west as Oregon and as far south as Maryland to celebrate. Every time I looked out the window, Connie was out and about with family walking to shopping or attractions. On Sunday the family celebrated with a picnic in the park next door. The echo of laughter flowed from the park as all fifteen people enjoying each others’ company. As Connie told me, she has been blessed with five children who still love one another. It definitely showed. I know that Connie will join the Riviera Motel Ninety Plus Club!
Several years ago, we had the privilege of celebrating with a wonderful lady, her 105th birthday. She was a fountain of knowledge. I asked her if there was one moment that stood out from all others. She told me, without a blink, “That’s easy. It was when my sweetie came home from World War I”. She talked with me about things she had seen in her life and it amazed me. I could have listened to her all day. We kept in touch and she returned the following summer to say hello to me. Her daughter came in the lobby and asked me if I could come in the park next door for a picture with her mother. I did and we visited for awhile. She had just turned 106! Her daughter sent me the picture of her mother and me and I cherish it. She had a sweet, kindness about her that made me what to be better.
Then there is John. John turned 90 this July. He drives here every year with is lovely wife Pamela. John is a big tease. I call him Santa because his last name is almost the same as Santa’s. I always try to be especially good when he is here….one never knows if he is the real Santa or not. John loves a good laugh and we always have lots to go around.
I have decided that I will live to be 92. After seeing these incredible people enjoying this stage of their lives, I ask myself why not? Keep moving, keep wanting to know what’s around the next bend in the road. Above all, cherish your God and family. That is the message I learned form these wonderful people.

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