Just Thought You’d Like To Know

We are often asked what it takes to run a motel. I thought you might enjoy the following statistics on our motel.
We start the season off with the following items in our linen inventory:
bath towels- a three day supply plus a little extra-324 (27 dozen)
hand towels-360 ( 30 dozen)
wash cloths- 400 to start and I usually have to order another ten dozen mid season.
10-15 % of the bath towels and hand towels get tossed each year due to damage and a whopping 20% of the wash cloths get tossed due to damage.
Pillowcases- 420 (35 dozen), 15% get tossed each season due to damage.
Thank-you mints-8000- everyone just loves them!
bar soap- 5000 bars ( most people bring their own).
Toilet Paper-1,920 rolls
Kleenex- 840 Boxes

Housekeeping staff- on average, 2,550 hours
Lynn and me- 6,552 hours
The most important number…You-8000 of you visit us each year!

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