I’m Electronically Impaired

I need to share this with all of you…I am electronically deficient. I’m trying , but sometimes it just doesn’t work for me. A couple weeks ago, we had an awesome lightning/thunder storm. It was the kind of lightning that sent red streaks across the sky. Some strikes were very close to the towers of the bridge. So I thought that you would enjoy seeing a picture of this incredible sight. I stood on the balcony next to my living quarters and waited. I zoomed in for a really neat shot. Then when the lightning struck it scared me so much that I jumped and this is what I shot…

Now, I apologize for this shot but I wanted you to know that I’m learning. What did I learn form this? I need a tripod. As soon as I figure out how to go about getting one for this camera of mine, you will then see some awesome shots…I promise!

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