Here I Go Again…

I sat down this evening , fully prepared to write several blogs with pictures. I began by downloading pictures from my camera to my computer. I had done this before so I was feeling pretty confident. When the message came on the computer screen that I had downloaded 20 pictures, I knew something was wrong. I had taken about 100 pictures this week, and I only downloaded 20? I had some beautiful shots of the Chicago to Mackinac yacht races, … Continued

After The Storm

Yesterday evening about 7:15 a storm blew in from Lake Michigan. It only lasted about 20 minutes, but left the bridge, on the Mackinaw City side, without power along with about half of the town. The bridge not only was without cable lights, but also there were no street lights. I checked before going to bed at about 11:45 and the lights were still not on. Sometime later power was restored.

Awesome Sunset

I went for a walk to capture the beautiful sunset and this is what I saw. Hope you enjoy!

Just Thought You’d Like To Know

We are often asked what it takes to run a motel. I thought you might enjoy the following statistics on our motel. We start the season off with the following items in our linen inventory:bath towels- a three day supply plus a little extra-324 (27 dozen)hand towels-360 ( 30 dozen)wash cloths- 400 to start and I usually have to order another ten dozen mid season.10-15 % of the bath towels and hand towels get tossed each year due to damage … Continued

I’m Electronically Impaired

I need to share this with all of you…I am electronically deficient. I’m trying , but sometimes it just doesn’t work for me. A couple weeks ago, we had an awesome lightning/thunder storm. It was the kind of lightning that sent red streaks across the sky. Some strikes were very close to the towers of the bridge. So I thought that you would enjoy seeing a picture of this incredible sight. I stood on the balcony next to my living … Continued

Ninety Plus and Goin Strong!

The Fourth of July weekend has always been one of my favorite times up here. We sold out for this weekend and I met some fascinating guests. First there was Mae. Mae was celebrating her 97th birthday. She was incredible walking around everywhere unassisted and very spunky. I had the chance to ask her about the most fascinating moment of her life. She said there were to many to single out just one. She just loved watching the fireworks. After … Continued