What Do You think?

As I mentioned on a previous post, I drove to Detroit last Friday to do some errands. Along the way I saw a lot of animals that don’t know how to cross an express way. There were several deer, possums, raccoons and of course, every ones favorite, skunks. All these animals met with such a violent ending. Then upon my return trip I saw a ray of hope. There were several black feathered turkeys walking single file facing traffic on the shoulder of the road. I thought that turkeys were not supposed to be a very smart species. But then I thought, humm…they are alive on I-75 and all the previously mentioned animals didn’t survive I-75. Why? It is a mystery I guess. But I have a thought for you. I think that this might just answer an age old question….
why did the turkey cross the road ? Answer: to show the deer, possums, raccoons and skunks that it could be done! What do you think??

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