Magical, Mystical Freeway

Last Friday morning at 9:30, I left Mackinaw bound for my home in the Detroit area. The rain was coming down and according to the weatherman, it was going to get worse as the day wore on. I thought that if I left early enough I would miss the bulk of the storms. I got on I-75 and the rain picked up in intensity, the winds were blowing and slapping my van around, and there was lighting and thunder. Great day for a road trip, right? As I continued down the freeway, the rain got heavier and heavier. Then all of a sudden I crossed a magical line and whala….no rain or wind. All signs of stormy weather had disappeared. I was on dry pavement and partly cloudy skies! The rest of the way home was sunny and dry. This was not the first time I had crossed the magical line. This has happened to Lynn and me when we drove north in the winter. We got north of West Branch and all of the sudden we were in a snow globe. The magical lines change with the seasons. It makes driving interesting and challenging.
The magical line also happens when the seasons change. When I left Mackinaw , there were no leaves on the trees,the grass was just turning green and some spring flowers were just coming into bloom. I drove ten miles out of town and the leaves were a bright, fresh green of spring. and wild flowers were in full bloom. It was a gorgeous site. It made me feel like I was Dorothy opening the living room door and stepping into Oz! I have not seen leaves, grass or flowers in a long time. Now for the next 150 miles I could enjoy it all. And I did.

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