I Played Hookie

Yes you read correctly…I did play hookie. Tammy, our head housekeeper, and I went to Mackinac Island on Wednesday. I wanted to go and see all the beautiful lilacs while they were in full bloom. I was not disappointed. They were unbelievably beautiful. We walked up to Fort Mackinac, across the back of the island to the Grand Hotel and then deciding that we needed nourishment, had a wonderful lunch at the Gate House. The Gate House, (formerly the French Outpost), overlooks the Grand Hotel and is across from the Little Stone Church. We ate outside despite the fact that it was only 54 degrees with a chilly wind. Others around us were putting up their hoods and putting on gloves. It didn’t seem that cold to us. While we ate, carriages would pass on by and we enjoyed the sight and smell of all the beautiful lilacs on Grand Avenue. After lunch we walked to the northern most point of the island to Mission Point Resort. It is a beautiful place overlooking the waters of the Straits of Mackinac and the Round Island Lighthouse. We walked through a small tunnel of Apple Trees in full bloom, to arrive at the main doors of Mission Point Resort. It smelled heavenly! After walking through the gorgeous log lobby, we headed towards the Sheplers dock for the boat ride home. Along the way we stopped at the Butterfly House behind St Annes’ Church and enjoyed the sight of many beautiful butterflies from as far away as South America. According to Tammy, there was not one lilac bush or butterfly that I didn’t take a picture of. We had a great day out and I want to share some pictures of our day on the island. I hope you enjoy them.

The beautiful, fragrant lilacs were everywhere.

One of many beautiful butterflies we saw at the Butterfly House

A view from Father Marquette Park of Fort Mackinac

High atop Fort Mackinac the view is fantastic

We waited and waited but superman was a no show

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