What A Day!

The month of May has been much colder than normal. Wednesday, May 21, 2008 is no different. The wind is blowing at 30m.p.h and gusting higher. The wind chill is in the low 20’s and it is snowing! Yes, you read correctly. It is snowing and occasionally there is ice mixed in. I doubled checked the calendar and no I didn’t make a mistake, it is a raw, blustery May 21st. We got started with the days work of cleaning rooms, doing laundry and finishing projects.
I was in the lobby and happened to glance out the back lobby door as four seagulls landed. They were screeching and searching around for food, when a strong gust of wind blew. I noticed that the feathers on one seagull blew straight up and the seagull blew over. I had never seen that before. The seagull was fine, although I imagine that he was wondering what he had eaten to cause such a thing to happen to him.
About 2:30 in the afternoon another strange thing happened. I noticed that there were about 100 birds swooping low to the ground then soaring high towards the sky. Even in these strong winds these smaller birds were able to fly in huge circles. I was not able to identify these birds because they were flying to fast. A guest, who is an avid bird watcher , came into the lobby. She told me that they were swallows. They were flying around like they were because they were trying to keep warm and they were searching for bugs. They only bugs around this time of year are the no seeaums (no-see-ums). I must say that for the four hours or so that the swallows were flying around, I think the bug population has decreased. It was an awesome sight. These birds are in between the size of a sparrow and a robin. They are medium grey with an ivory tummy. I finally saw one when it landed briefly. I haven’t seen these birds since their four hours over the Riviera.
The day ended with the winds dying down and the promise of each day getting warmer. We went to bed about 11;30 and were peacefully sleeping when..DING…DONG! I felt like I had just gone to sleep. Glancing at the clock it said 12:00. Hummmm…it is flashing. The power has gone out and come back on . But what time is it? Lynn went to see if someone was at the door. No one is there. It was our doorbells’ way of letting us know that the power is back on. Apparently, the power went off at midnight and was off till 3:00 a.m. I just love our doorbells.
That marked the end of a strange day. Thank God!

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