We’re Back

On April 21, 2008, we arrived at the motel fully expecting to see the remnants of the snow mountain that was in front of the back lobby door. We were shocked to see that all the snow had melted. Looking about we noticed that the plumbers were here turning the water on. We noticed two plumbers in a room, so we poked our heads heads in and learned that we had two water pipes break when the water was turned on (this is not uncommon). One break was in the room where we got the news, the other was in the lobby that we had renovated last year. We checked out both areas for damage. We discovered that the carpeting was soaked and there were damaged ceiling tiles. After making sure that the heat in our living quarters was turned on, we rolled up our sleeves and started to clean up the mess. Finally about 7 p.m. we were finished. We had some dinner, unpacked, ran to the grocers and finally hit the sack about 11:30. We were tired and hoped to sleep in till about 8:30 in the morning. We have a big day ahead.

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