Unbelievable Questions

Every year people ask us several questions about the area. Sometimes, we deserve an Oscar for keeping a straight face. Read on and tell me what you think.
Q. When are they going to swing the bridge over and get the people of the island before winter?
A. Polite answer: The bridge does not “swing”. There are two ways off the island by ferryboat
or plane.
End of Season answer: They only swing the bridge over at night when no one can see
it happening.
Q. What do they do with the bridge in the winter?
A. Polite answer: Nothing. It stands 365 days a year.
End of Season answer: If you keep a piece of the bridge in your backyard over the winter,
you will receive a tax credit.
Q. Where is the tunnel that goes to the island so locals don’t have to pay for the ferry?
A. Polite answer: There is no tunnel. We have to pay like everyone else.
End of season answer: Now that you found out about the tunnel, I guess we will have to fit
you with cement shoes.
I hope you enjoyed these questions. It just goes to show you that most people have a good sense of humor.

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